Adoption, Rescued




UPDATE:Both dogs show severe signs of neglect and abuse, have several older and newer wounds/scars, dislocated toes and strange marks and even some growths under the skin and umbilical hernias that need to be analized.

We have received by now 95US$ donation and appreciate it very much. Thank you!


our friend and collaborator Maite Fernández saved the lives of these 2 whippets because the breeder wanted to kill them.
The skinny one is over 10 years old and in such bad condition that she has to stay in a animal hospital. She has a very sweet personality, that’s why we call her DOLÇA. The other females name is AFRICA.
Both were brood mamas of a backyard breeder in Mexico and are now in Mexico City.
Little DOLÇA is in such bad shape that we fear for her life.
We are expecting an estimate from our veterinary as soon as he finishes attending the 2 doggies and will publish it here. For the moment we should be fine with 500US$ for bloodwoork and DOLÇA’s stay in the emergency clinic, if no major surgeries are needed.
Please help us to help DOLÇA + AFRICA!
When they are in good shape, they can be adopted in the USA, with preference WA state or nearby.

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