How is it to live with a podenco?


Podencos are different to other dogs because they are fast learning, they find out themselves how to open doors or even drawers and observe us all the time to know where the treats are hidden. Pods are free spirits. They are not into pleasing their owner, they can’t and shouldn’t be bossed around or even obliged to do something they dont like but you can train them well if they find it entertaining.
The ibizan hounds are very intelligent and funny dogs, playful and great hunters. Watching some beezers together how they even chase a butterfly, with complete coordination between them, is pretty amazing. Any squirrel or other small animal triggers their hunting instinct and they wont stop just because they dont see the animal anymore. They keep searching, digging, climbing or what ever it takes to get the prey. It’s very hard to stop them when podencos are on Hunting Mode On and its easily possible that they chase and hunt a whole day from sunrise to sunset. All these things make it more difficult to let them off leash but with good training it can be done.
A podenco is a very energetic but at the same time can be a relaxed hound. Podencos definitively are not dogs for everybody and if you expect a fully obedient dog, they are definitively not for you but if you like dogs capable to make their own decisions, you will love them.
Still, podencos make fantastic family dogs, they love to be with kids and are very devoted to their people. Many have a favourite person and are deeply in love with them.
It is definitively never boring to live with a podenco because they are clowns and imaginative and always will make you smile.
Podencos should never be crated except for transport or medical reasons and locking them into a crate for many hours brakes their spirit.
If you love long walks or even hiking with your hound, if you have a very high fence and time for a podenco, give them a chance.